19 [Truly] Helpful Ways To Make Friends As An Adult

Why It’s Important to Make Friends as an Adult (8 Reasons)

It’s an Amazing Way to Level Up and Better Your Life

Adult Friendships Can Help You Live Longer

You’re Not Alone in Your Thoughts

Friends Help You During Hard Times

Adult Friendships Help You Cope with Stress

They Keep You Grounded to Your Values

Friends Make You Aware of Things That Need to Change

Adult Friendships Are Actually Good for Your Heart’s Health

How to Make Friends as an Adult

Get Rid of Any Scripts That Say You’re Not Worthy of Connection

Have a Growth Mindset

Know That It’s Going to Be Awkward Sometimes… And That’s Ok

Lead With Curiosity and Make It About Them

Be the Confident Version of Yourself

Create a Life You Enjoy

Compliment Them

Push Through the Awkward First Meeting and Get to the Next One

Make the Second Meeting About Them

Commit to Making an Effort

Table of Contents

Don’t Be Afraid to Initiate

Get Rid of Any Negative Beliefs You Have About Others

Try New Activities That Get You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Say Yes (Even When You’re Unsure)

Be Vulnerable

Have Your Social Network Introduce You to New People

Tap Into Your Community

Be Patient and Keep a Positive Outlook

Consider Counseling

Activities and Places to Make Adult Friends

Facebook Groups for Your Local Area

Small Groups and Other Religious Events


Specifically Take Classes at a Gym

Join a Local or Virtual Book Club

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Sign Up for a Class or Workshop

Volunteer for a Non-Profit in Your Area

Try a Friendship Meeting Platforms Like Bumble BFF, Meetup, or Hey!Vina

Other Activities for Finding Friends

Making Adult Friends as a Parent

Parenting Groups

Connect with Parents in Places You’re Already Going to Be

Try Activities with Your Child

Use Social Media for Making Friends as a Parent

Introducing Yourself to Other Parents

Making Friends as an Introvert

7 Ways to Keep and Maintain Adult Friendships

Make Sure That You’re Not Just Taking

Communicate with Them

Make Time for Your Friends

Regularly Commit to Something on Your Calendar

Learn How to Categorize Friends

Be Present

Show Up for Your Friends

Making Friends as an Adult FAQ

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