11 Clothing Fixes From Instagram That Actually Work

Use a Vinegar to Remove Water Stains


Keep Buttons on with Nail Polish

Fashion Life

Avoid Creases from Wire Hangers

Two Tiny Lines

Remove Pilling from Clothes Using a Razor


Freeze and Stop Fuzz on Your Angora Sweater

Water Liberty

DIY Denim Short


Breathe new life into those trusty, yet lackluster, jeans by transforming them into trendy denim shorts. With a few simple steps, you can take your wardrobe from dull to dazzling.

How to Fix Stuck Zipper

It’s me 2696

Take the Fuzz Off Your Coat with a Pumice Stone

Life Crust

Shaving Cream for Makeup Smudge

It’s me 2696

Repair Your Bra’s Underwire


Break in Those Tight Shoes

Jenniver Johnson


Sort Clothes

The Soap Box Laundry Service

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