10 Halloween Makeup Ideas You Need To Try This Year

Stitched Mouth Make Up

Found from Cosmopolitan

To create a convincingly gruesome appearance, cuts and stitches play a vital role. These deliberate wounds can greatly enhance the overall aesthetic, drawing the viewer’s attention and creating a sense of unease or tension.

Comic Book Character Look

Found from Best Halloween Blog

Half Skull Glam Makeup

Found from Zoe New Love

Embrace an imperfect, asymmetrical approach to achieving a DIY skull glam look by going halvesies. This way, you can avoid the stress of maintaining symmetry, and instead focus on having fun with the creative process.

Sugar Skull Makeup

Found from Elle

Giraffe Makeup Look

Found from The Xerxes

DIY Snapchat Filter

Found from Brit

Harley Quinn Makeup

Found from Styles Printer

Mermaid Makeup Look

Found from Allure

Weeping Nun

Found from Beautylish


Popart Zombie

Found from I’m Gur

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